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    • Experience one-on-one tutoring.

      With our interactive WhiteBoard functionality, personalized learning is just a click away. Offering a powerful, two-way learning system and a clean, user-friendly interface, HookBoard creates a rich, active educational environment designed to boost learning engagement and content retention.

    • Choose any educator for a session.

      Our network of educators is diverse — each professor, teacher, instructor-tutor or coach offers a unique educational background, set of skills, and level of expertise. With our customized educator profiles, it’s easy to choose a lesson or course with an educator that fits your needs and a price that fits your budget.

    • Easily access online tutors 24/7.

      HookBoard makes it simple to choose lessons and courses that incorporate seamlessly into your busy schedule. Select from a list of online instructor-tutors for an instant, on-demand tutoring session or schedule a lesson at a time that works for you. Reminders from HookBoard will notify you of your session times!

    • Ask questions & get answers.

      HookBoard’s online WhiteBoard platform offers face-to-face video conferencing, chat functionality and a unique WhiteBoard feature for effortless communication between you, your instructor-tutor and other students. Ask questions and get the answers you need — fast!

    • Experience one-on-one tutoring

      Get the personalized attention you need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Learn More

    • Choose any educator for a session

      Browse our selection of experienced, uniquely-skilled instructors-tutors and more. Learn More

    • Easily access online tutors 24/7

      Choose a lesson or course that works for you and your busy schedule. Learn More

    • Ask questions & get answers

      Our platform facilitates immersive, effortless student-instructor communication. Learn More

    • Try our WhiteBoard feature with video conferencing.

      Our web-conferencing feature enables optimal student-instructor engagement and presentation delivery, allowing you as the student to interact with your instructor-tutor anytime and anywhere. Our virtual WhiteBoard offers an innovative floating cursor for easy drawing, as well as elegant stencils, colors, shapes and background landscapes.

    • Experience one-on-one or group video chat.

      Whether you opt for a group tutoring session or a private, one-on-one tutoring session, HookBoard’s elegant web-conferencing feature makes face-to-face interaction simple, yet dynamic. Featuring high-quality audio and video capabilities, our platform offers you the classroom experience from the comfort of your own home.

    • Learn from educators’ expertise.

      HookBoard’s educators come from a wide variety of backgrounds and offer a range of experiences in higher education to meet the individual needs of traditional and non-traditional learners alike. Whether you’re interested in a course on financial accounting or Spanish tutoring, we have you covered.

    • View web pages & documents.

      No need to bother with email attachments or file sharing sites. With HookBoard’s WhiteBoard functionality, it’s simple for educators and students to quickly share web pages and upload documents — all without interrupting the natural flow of learning.

    • WhiteBoard with video conferencing

      Our virtual WhiteBoard lets you experience powerful, two-way learning. Learn More

    • One-on-One or group video chat

      Learn from the comfort of your own home with our video chat feature. Learn More

    • Learn from educators’ expertise

      Our professors, teachers and instructors-tutors are skilled in a wide range of topics. Learn More

    • View web pages & documents

      Share and view web pages and documents with just the touch of a button. Learn More

    • Find verified licensed professors & teachers.

      Whether you’re interested in brushing up on your French or need a little extra help in Bio 101, HookBoard makes it simple and cost-effective to develop long-lasting relationships with licensed professors and teachers offering online lessons and courses on dozens of higher education subjects and topics.

    • View profiles, background & expertise.

      Search through HookBoard’s extensive educational network to find a professor, teacher or instructor-tutor that fits your needs and budget. Our experienced educators offer the expertise and knowledge required to drive a positive learning experience for each one of our students.

    • Feel secure with background verification & authentication check.

      We run a background check and extensive verification process on each of our verified licensed professors and teachers to ensure our students are being taught in a safe, engaging learning environment. HookBoard is committed to safety and peace of mind — you can feel secure knowing that with HookBoard, you’re in good hands!

    • Read reviews from other students.

      In an effort to promote transparency, we encourage HookBoard students to leave reviews of their instructors-tutors. This constructive feedback is useful for our educators and helps potential students find a professor, teacher or instructor-tutor who suits their individual needs and learning style.

    • Verified licensed educators

      Take a lesson, course or tutoring session from experienced professors and teachers. Learn More

    • View profiles & expertise

      Our educator profiles offer helpful info on educational background and more. Learn More

    • Background verification check

      At HookBoard, we take the personal safety of our students seriously. Learn More

    • Read reviews from other students

      See what other students are saying about our skilled educators. Learn More

    • Pay as you go.

      HookBoard makes it simple and affordable to take online lessons, course classes, and tutoring sessions with our experienced educators. Whether you’re interested in just one lesson or a whole course, you can use our pre-paid credits to quickly schedule lessons or join an on-demand session anytime, anywhere.

    • Only pay for lessons you want.

      Unlike some online tutoring platforms, HookBoard only requires you to pay for the classes you want. Simply purchase a credit pack that covers the lesson or course you’re interested in and apply any rollover credits you may have to future classes.

    • Purchase credits in packs for discounts.

      Save big on HookBoard’s online lessons, course classes, and tutoring sessions by purchasing our pre-paid credit packs. Each pack offers a set number of credits that can be used towards any lesson or tutoring sessions. Bigger packs offer bigger discounts — in other words, the more you buy, the more you save!

    • Learn from highly-skilled educators.

      HookBoard is committed to providing only the highest quality learning experience to each one of our students. Whether you choose a verified licensed professor or experienced instructor-tutor, we know you’ll receive the knowledge and resources you need to enhance your higher education experience.

    • Pay as you go

      Use our pre-paid credit system to conveniently pay for lessons and courses. Learn More

    • Only pay for lessons you want

      Purchase the credit pack that fits your needs — no contract and no monthly fees. Learn More

    • Purchase credits in packs for discounts

      Save big on lessons and courses from HookBoard with our pre-paid credit packs. Learn More

    • Learn from highly-skilled educators

      Choose an educator from our diverse network of professors, teachers, instructors-tutors and more. Learn More