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Getting started

Follow our easy-to-use student guide to learn how you can get up and running with HookBoard.

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    Create your free account.

    Signing up with HookBoard takes less than 60 seconds. Simply click on the sign-up button to the right and fill out the short form to get started. Sign up now.

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    Find educators, tutoring sessions, lessons & courses.

    Browse our selection of lessons, courses and tutoring sessions on a variety of subjects, then view profiles of verified licensed professors and teachers or non-verified, non-licensed instructors-tutors to find the right fit for you.

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    Feel secure with background check verification.

    To confirm the accuracy and validity of each profile, HookBoard partners with an award-winning S&P 500 company to perform a background check (includes sex offender registry check and education/licensure verification) on verified educators.

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    Schedule or join a lesson — 24/7.

    Pick a time and day to schedule your lesson or join an on-demand tutoring session with an online educator, whenever and wherever. Our flexible online learning model won’t interfere with jobs, illnesses, appointments and other engagements.

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    Buy credits.

    HookBoard offers pay-as-you-go credit packs, so you can choose the lesson or course that fits your needs and budget. See student pricing.

  • 6

    Wait for your instructor-tutor to confirm day & time.

    If you’ve opted for a scheduled lesson or tutoring session, your instructor-tutor will be in touch with you shortly to verify the day and time. Not to worry — your credits won’t expire until the lesson is complete.

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    Attend your lesson.

    With HookBoard’s innovative WhiteBoard technology, interacting with your instructor-tutor is easy and fun. Develop strong, long-lasting relationships with one of our educators or several by any field of study. Launch the Whiteboard demo.