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Extend the traditional classroom with HookBoard’s Enterprise “Virtual Office” tutoring services.

Enterprise: Academic-Professors and Teachers

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Is your regular classroom time not cutting it? Looking for a more productive way to spend your office hours? HookBoard is a powerful new tool for faculty and students, offering all the online tools and resources you need to effectively teach and engage your students outside the traditional classroom setting — All in one place.

  • A Solution for a Busy Staff & Limited Facilities.

    HookBoard enables educators to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom and offers students access to the teaching staff when they might need it the most- during off hours. HookBoards “virtual office” provides help and assistant online without requiring students to physically visit your office.

  • Additional Value to the Institution.

    HookBoard Tutoring Platform boosts engagement and interactivity both inside and outside of the classroom. Our digital personalized learning tools increase students’ active participation and creates an environment for social learning – which ultimately improves learning outcomes and keeps them on the path to success.

  • Technology Simplified. Save Time, Money, and Energy.

    Educators & Students expect High Schools and Colleges to provide additional academic technologies to help them study and learn. Incorporate HookBoard technology into your classroom with no additional training required.
    -Safe, Trusted, and Reliable.

  • Extend the Classroom Experience.

    HookBoard offers endless possibilities for distance learning, and helping Students make the grade. HookBoard transforms office hours from a repeat of the days lecture into-depth exchanges that enhances the classroom experience.

  • Tutoring solutions designed to emulate real classroom settings.

    Educators can set update the date and time of their lesson and course sessions. Students can easily access this schedule of class sessions, lectures, assignments, due-dates, class notes, and more using HookBoard’s platform and interactive WhiteBoard. Educators can utilize this platform to maximize productivity and accessibility to students by offering solutions to course problems, and independent learning activities that are not possible in traditional classrooms.