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Educator Features

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    • Extend the classroom with video conferencing.

      Is your regular classroom time not cutting it? Looking for a more productive way to spend your office hours? HookBoard is a powerful tool for faculty and students, offering all the online tools and resources you need to effectively teach and engage your students outside the traditional classroom setting — in one place.

    • Experience one-on-one or group video chat.

      HookBoard’s virtual WhiteBoard platform allow for interactive, face-to-face engagement between you and your students. Video chat makes it easy to ask or answer questions from your students — without interrupting the learning process.

    • Share your expertise.

      Whether you’re a full-time professor or simply have a passion for languages, theater or any number of subjects or topics, HookBoard offers higher education teaching outlets for instructors-tutors of all levels. As a HookBoard educator, you can demonstrate and convey your wisdom to students around the globe.

    • Display web pages, documents and more.

      Our WhiteBoard platform offers an interactive, collaborative learning environment and presentation delivery unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Video and audio web-conferencing, a drawing toolbox with innovative floating cursor, screenshot capability, document upload and dozens of other features make online teaching a breeze.

    • Extend the classroom with video

      Keep your students engaged with HookBoard’s interactive learning tools. Learn More

    • One-on-One or group video chat

      Ask questions and get answers — fast — with our web-conferencing feature. Learn More

    • Share your expertise

      HookBoard welcomes professors, teachers, instructors-tutors of all skill levels. Learn More

    • Display web pages, documents and more

      With WhiteBoard, you can share websites and documents with just a few clicks. Learn More

    • Set up a customized profile.

      HookBoard focuses on helping students find educators, lessons, and course classes that fit their individual needs and schedules. Create an account with HookBoard, then personalize your profile with as little or as much information as you want to join our network of professors, teachers, instructors-tutors and more.

    • Display your background & expertise.

      Your customized educator profile gives students easy, visible access to your background, expertise and schedule availability — this lets students across the globe effortlessly choose a professor, teacher or instructor-tutor who meets their individual skill level and learning style.

    • Teach one-on-one lessons.

      Our virtual WhiteBoard offers a variety of interactive tools designed to foster collaborative learning in a personalized, face-to-face setting. HookBoard’s dynamic, immersive social education platform brings the classroom to your students, whenever and wherever they are.

    • Get verified with a background check.

      Verification with HookBoard is a simple process and allows licensed professors and teachers to offer both individual lessons and complete courses. We perform a full background check on all of our professors and teachers to ensure each one is a reliable source of knowledge and instruction for our students.

    • Set up a customized profile

      Customize your educator profile with educational experience and much more. Learn More

    • Display your expertise

      Help students looking for the expertise you offer find you quickly and easily. Learn More

    • Teach one-on-one lessons

      Give your students the face-to-face time they need with our virtual WhiteBoard. Learn More

    • Get verified with a background check

      Become a verified HookBoard educator to teach both lessons and courses. Learn More

    • Get paid.

      Are you looking for freelance or contract work? Have a lot of extra time on your hands? HookBoard offers a simple, no-hassle way to generate income and even create your own “mini” online tutoring business. With our unlimited revenue model, the possibilities are endless.

    • Choose PayPal™ or direct deposit.

      We want to make it simple to get paid for your teaching and tutoring. Whether you opt for PayPal™ or direct deposit, we’ll make sure you get the payment for your lessons and courses as quickly as possible — HookBoard guarantees you’ll get paid within 3-5 business days of teaching a session.

    • Receive automated payments.

      Getting paid for the work you do shouldn’t be a hassle. With HookBoard, you’ll never have to worry about missing or late payouts. Once we verify your bank account or PayPal™ information, you’ll be all set to receive automated payments for each session you teach.

    • Get 85% of all transactions.

      HookBoard makes it easy to set your own price for lessons and courses — the prices you set will depend on what other educators are charging, the subject field and more. As a HookBoard educator, you’ll always receive 85% of sales revenues on a monthly basis with no hidden costs or fees.

    • Get paid

      Teaching with HookBoard is a simple, enjoyable way to make a little extra cash. Learn More

    • Choose PayPal™ or direct deposit.

      Decide which payment method works better for you and get paid within 3-5 business days. Learn More

    • Receive automated payments

      Our credit system ensures you get paid quickly for the classes you teach. Learn More

    • Get 85% of all transactions

      HookBoard educators receive 85% of sales for all sessions, lessons, and course classes taught. Learn More

    • Teach lessons.

      Educators of all levels can teach classes with our virtual WhiteBoard platform. Featuring web-conferencing capabilities, a chat feature, drawing tools, document upload and much more, HookBoard’s WhiteBoard offers a clean, intuitive, user-friendly way to bring the classroom straight to your students.

    • Schedule in advance.

      HookBoard makes it easy to set your own hours. You choose your scheduling availability and post it to your customized educator profile for students to view — it’s that simple. Course planning? Schedule classes, assignments and more as far in advance as you want.

    • Drive student success.

      In today’s media-saturated environment, it can be difficult to keep students engaged in the learning process. HookBoard’s Courses helps facilitate communication outside the classroom, allowing your students to interact with the course material in new and exciting ways that are simple, cost-effective and engaging.

    • Extend your classroom.

      Whether you’re interested in branching out from the traditional classroom setting or simply looking for a way to earn a little extra cash, HookBoard offers endless possibilities for distance learning. Create virtual office hours with Courses or tutor math on weeknights — it’s up to you.

    • Teach lessons

      Use our virtual WhiteBoard to engage traditional and non-traditional learners alike. Learn More

    • Schedule in advance

      Make HookBoard work for your schedule by setting your own teaching hours. Learn More

    • Drive student success

      HookBoard helps keep students engaged and gets you more out your teaching time. Learn More

    • Extend your classroom

      Maintain an online classroom for your current student base with Courses. Learn More

    • Teach courses. (Verified licensed professors & teachers only)

      Besides offering single lessons, verified licensed professor and teachers also have the option to create and teach courses for up to 75 students. HookBoard gives educators of all levels the ability to set up engaging online lessons and tutoring sessions for students across the globe.

    • Create a calendar of events.

      HookBoard courses are designed to emulate a real classroom setting, which means it’s up to you to set up the date and time of your course sessions. Students can easily access your schedule of class sessions, assignment due dates, class notes and more using our interactive WhiteBoard platform.

    • Upload notes, documents & assignments.

      With HookBoard’s virtual learning platform, it’s easy to upload notes, course documents, assignments and more with just a few clicks. We’ve created our interactive WhiteBoard system to be as streamlined and intuitive as possible so you can get back to focusing on the important things — like teaching.

    • Set up multiple lessons and courses.

      Interested in offering a course you currently teach in an online setting? Have enough material to cover several lessons? As a verified licensed professor or teacher, you’ll have the ability to build your very own online courses using Courses and upload lesson plans, your class syllabus and much more.

    • Teach courses

      Verified professor or teacher? HookBoard lets you take your course outside the classroom. Learn More

    • Create a calendar of events

      Create a HookBoard course with Courses and schedule your class sessions in advance. Learn More

    • Upload documents & assignments

      HookBoard makes uploading documents and much more simple and fast. Learn More

    • Set up multiple lessons and courses.

      Experience social education with HookBoard’s innovative WhiteBoard platform. Learn More